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Dry Chutney Powders

Dry Chutney Powders are a kind of chutney which are in dry powdered form. In every South Indian house, it is very common to find at least one or two Pudi varieties at all times. They mostly like to start off their meal with a little Pudi rice. A little Pudi is mixed with steaming rice and dash ghee is added on top.

These dry chutney powders can be served with rice or other food items like Idly, Dosa,Chapati , Puri etc. It is typically mixed with some ghee or Vegetable oil and consumed.

The best thing about having these Chutney Powders on hand is that they make busy mornings and evenings on a working day very easier. Instead of making a curry,& Wet Chuney, Idly, Dosa,Chapati , Puri,Upma and the list goes endless, can be instantly served with some Chutney Powders. Its not only satisfying but very tasty too. These Chutney Powders come handy for Busy Home Makers, working women hostellers. College students who are away from home

To meet the requirements , there may be umpteen number of products may be available in the market.

What makes Ask Foods stand out from all these , is that we use Dry coconut, Garlic, Curry Leaves , Flaxseeds , which not only adds to the taste , but also bring the goodness of these natural ingredients.

We stand by our commitment of SATIATING JIHVA CHAPALLYA

There are 7 variants of Chutney Powders to meet the different tastes ( Chapallya) of Tongue( Jihva).

  • Idly Chutney Powders of Tamil Nadu,
  • Khara Chutney Powders of Andhra Pradesh,
  • Garlic (Lasoon) Chutney Powders of Maharastra
  • Roasted coconut Chutney Powders of Kerala
  • Grams ( Fried Grams) Chutney Powders
  • Curry leaf Chutney Powders
  • Flaxseed Chutney Powders.
  • To Test Honesty of our Commitment - you should taste & compare with other products available

    It is not a Tall Claim – If you agree with us, tell others otherwise TELL US


Here our a few details of our products we retail.

Choco Juejips

50 Gms (Rs. 30)

Chocolate Beans

60 Gms (Rs. 25)


100 Gms (Rs. 35)

Colour Sugar Balls

100 Gms (Rs. 25)

Vermicelli - DARK

100 Gms (Rs. 60)

Mixed Chocolate Chips

100 Gms (Rs. 60)

Vermicelli - Colour

100 Gms (Rs. 60)

Chocolate Chips

100 Gms (Rs. 60)

ButterScotch Drops

100 Gms (Rs. 70)

White Chocolate

100 Gms (Rs. 65)

50:50 Chocolate

100 Gms (Rs. 70)


50 Gms (Rs. 30)

Andhra Kara

100 Gms (Rs. 35)

Curry Leaves Chutney

100 Gms (Rs. 40)

Spicy Tangy

100 Gms (Rs. 40)

Grams Chutney Powder

100 Gms (Rs. 30)

Idli-Dosa Chutney Powder

100 Gms (Rs. 30)

Flaxseeds Powder

100 Gms (Rs. 40)

Garlic Chutney Powder

100 Gms (Rs. 40)


Ask foods  was started with a humble  beginning  with  Juegips by group of engineers & people Experienced  in food industry.(Ask foods is  in the field for more than 6 years offering quality ready to eat foods) We endeavor to satisfy the different palates of our customers . hence our motto & caption

Satiating Jihva  Chapallya

We are steadily growing and aspiring to become one of the house hold name in the food industry. Our products are available in almost all Supermarkets & Hypermarkets .in Karnataka , & Tamilnadu.

We have steadily grown & expanded & we have now  Become  Ask Foods Pvt. Ltd. Our Jelly is also sold through NILGIRIS 1905-Chain of Supermarkets ,( Now part of KB's BigBazar) under their brand Name Jelly Bites   -Private Labeling , this is the testimony to Our quality. Companies with whom we are collaborated

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